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Sometimes we need to talk about the world and where it’s going, what we get wrong, what we get right, and how we can do better. And sometimes, we just need to laugh, and distract ourselves from all of it entirely and without apology.

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If you were a fan of Mom-101 I think you’ll like it here. If you've been a fan of my social media feeds, common sense advice, analysis of current events, observations on parenting and parenting culture, overdeveloped sense of empathy, pithy media commentary, unabashed feminism, GenX nostalgia, oddly persistent optimism, gift guides and recommendations through the years, and the occasional well-placed f-bomb — you will definitely like it here.

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But, wait…who are you again?

Fine, maybe we have to get to know each other first. That’s your thing. I respect that.

Hi! I’m Liz Gumbinner. I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and creative director who’s spent a good long time trying to live my values in the world of advertising. I co-host the award-winning Spawned podcast, where I get to interview some of the most incredible people.

I’ve been called a social media influencer but now that means something that I think I’m not, so, let’s skip that.

Me looking extremely influential.

I created the OG parenting blog Mom-101 in the mid-aughts, which was named Parents Magazine’s Best All-Around Mom Blog and described by Forbes as having “razor sharp writing with an abundance of self-deprecation.” I co-founded Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech, which led to a lot of appearances on shows like NBC’s TODAY, Martha Stewart, Nightline, GMA, CNN, NPR and NY1 to discuss parenting culture, tech, politics, media, and gift ideas.

Once I talked about my underwear.

Everything comes full circle, sigh.
Definitely a moment of “wait, this is my life?”

I’ve also contributed to publications like Redbook, Martha Stewart, Parents, BH&G, Huffington Post, Time Out NY. I’m included in several anthologies, I co-authored a lifestyle cookbook, wrote some short films, am working on a book, and still manage to work a day job in advertising that can be extremely rewarding.

(See? I’m not good at picking a lane.)

Most importantly, I have this wildly ambitious goal of helping to raise the next generation of compassionate, engaged humans. Whether or not you’re a parent, I hope you feel some kind of stake in that too.

Oh, and I’m a huge fan of em-dashes—so there’s that.

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Culture, media, politics and parenting. Oh, did someone say pick a lane? Adorable.


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